UNM Students Love Solar

Students at the University of New Mexico love clean, renewable, solar energy! That’s the reaction we received last week at UNM’s Anderson School of Management Internship Fair. Within two hours, we received over 60 signups from excited students interested in helping us create the first University Solar Challenge and engage students in changing...

One Girl’s Take on CES 2016

So this was my 2nd year attending CES, the worlds largest Consumer Electronics Show, and it was still one of the most overwhelming events I have ever attended in my life. With over 3,800 exhibitors in 2.47 million sq. ft. of exhibit space and over 170,000 attendees from all over the world, CES was mentioned […]

Why Don’t the Engineers Get It?

The team is just back from CES and I have to say, it is an amazing show, but also exhausting: five days of new technology, shiny bling, and engineer after engineer wanting to know how the SunPort works. Interestingly, it was the finance people, not the engineers, who immediately understood our answers. I think maybe […]

Solar Drones – reaching for the skies!

SunPort recently partnered with Drone pilot Jon Casey of HighWind FPV to fly the world’s first 100% solar-charged drone during CES 2016 at the Xtreme Drone Circuit for XDC_2. Drone racing is quickly developing into a worldwide sport with organized competitions, and we can expect that it’s only going to get bigger. We recently had […]

Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘Bout Us

So much has been happening at SunPort – and YOU have helped make it so. Just this month we were named Consumer Electronic Association’s Start-up of the Year! The annual event recognizes tech companies from all over the world. Everyone seems to be talking about SunPort – from Albuquerque Biz Journal to Forbes – and as usual our loyal...

A Fitbit for Your Power Cord

How SunPort is like your fitness tracker Last Christmas I was given a fitness tracker (there are many on the market by Fitbit, Garmin, Nike and others), and it changed my approach to exercise! Suddenly I was aware of how many steps I took each day, and even got a little buzz on my wrist […]

Pope Francis’ Call to Action on the Environment

Environmentalists all over the world are rejoicing after Pope Francis issued a strong statement on climate change. His message was clear: we can no longer ignore the science. We are all residents of this planet and each one of us has the obligation to unite and make a difference in whatever way we can. The […]

3 Reasons Elon Musk Should Know Us

We all know Elon Musk (He is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors and chairman of SolarCity). But, does Elon Musk know us? No, not yet, but he should! Here are the Top 3+ Reasons SunPort should be on his radar: #1 We agree on math problems. Elon […]

Sunshine Powered by Solar

Today we make a special announcement in collaboration with indie hip-hop label Rhymesayers. Atmosphere is releasing a music video for their most popular song, “Sunshine”, and they used 62 SunPort Betas to make it. Truth be told, I cried. Yes, I cried and that was from just seeing the teaser (I’ll watch the full video […]

Whitehouse Plans to Increase Solar Energy Production

Currently, solar power accounts for less than 1% of US energy use. The Whitehouse wants to change that, and we agree! As pollution standards for fossil fuels tightens, the need and desire for alternatives is growing. We applaud President Obama’s recent plan to offer clean energy to those with limited access. Renters, low-income workers, students...

Kickstarter Sneak Peek

Get ready because SunPort is coming to Kickstarter Tuesday, July 28. Soon you too can plug into solar power, and we can all do something about these guys.

Never Too Old

Recently, I visited with my Aunt Ethel on the occasion of her 98th birthday. After the lunch conversation and presentation of flowers, she asked what I have been doing. I was happy to tell her about writing for a company working on solar energy and figured that would be the end of the topic. How […]