SunPortTM uses 100% real solar

It's a solar device that measures the grid electricity you take from any wall outlet (at home or away) and matches it to solar fed into the grid.


The daily life of a SunPort

SunPort solar device is part of a growing effort to create communication
between energy producers (solar farms) and consumers
(you). This communication improves renewable power
distribution while giving us more choice over the kinds of
energy we consume than ever before.

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SunPort Smart Plug Device – Solar Power, Anywhere.

No. 1 new solar-powered gadget

Ingenious SunPort plug lets you use solar energy even if you dont have solar panels

“We’re reinventing how people perceive and use solar with SunPort.”

This is a cheap way to use renewable energy

Using a SunPort in your home will help contribute to the solar supply