3 Things You Can Do to Help the Environment

3 Things You Can Do to Help the Environment

July 9, 2015 |


Photo by ravas51Most of us are looking for ways to make a difference and live a sustainable life, but it’s overwhelming when you look at the whole big problem. We can’t single-handedly stop the icebergs from melting; we can’t all live off the grid.

The good news is that you can do a few things that require little investment in time or money but will make a huge difference if we all work together.

1. At the end of this month, we are launching a KickStarter campaign for our SunPort. If everyone makes a small donation, we can get this product out to the public in no time!

2. Next time you visit Santa Fe, stay at Hotel Santa Fe and ask that your room be powered by solar energy. They will happily accommodate you with the help of our sister company, Stay.Solar. When visiting other hotels, tell them about Stay.Solar too.

3. When you are hankering for a cup of coffee and a good summer read, go to one of the Flying Star restaurants that feature our solar charging stations. That way, you can linger as long as you like, knowing you can recharge your phone with solar energy!

Oh, and we’ll add one more idea – share our news with your friends. We can all jump on the solar bandwagon and help create a sustainable movement!

Photo by ravas51