A Fitbit for Your Power Cord

A Fitbit for Your Power Cord

September 25, 2015 |


How SunPort is like your fitness tracker

Last Christmas I was given a fitness tracker (there are many on the market by Fitbit, Garmin, Nike and others), and it changed my approach to exercise! Suddenly I was aware of how many steps I took each day, and even got a little buzz on my wrist to let me know I was close – oh so close! – to the magical 10,000 steps. How does that little doohickey know how much I walk or how well I sleep? It uses smart technology to track my energy output. Then, it lets me know how I’m doing through an app on my phone.


Well, SunPort uses the same sort of technology to track electric usage. And, like your fitness tracker, it can change your life! How does it work? Anything plugged into an enabled SunPort consumes solar energy without requiring any additional steps or expenditure. SunPort does this by measuring the power from the wall, just as your exercise is measured by that tracker on your wrist, and automatically matching it against solar fed into the grid elsewhere, thereby rendering all the power used as solar consumption.

Soon you can take our device, plug it in anywhere, and the smartphone app will connect wirelessly, enabling you to directly see your energy consumption and accumulated solar use. See how that works? Just like your fitness tracker!

We are also working on social features that will allow you to see the impact of your solar usage and compare it to the SunPort community as a whole. Personally, I hope the app lets me compete with friends and tweet about it! Maybe it will even let me monitor the sources of solar and learn about new projects the SunPort community has funded? Through technology we can all get in shape – and help the Earth get healthier, too.