Earth Day was so much fun – let’s make it last all year!

Earth Day was so much fun – let’s make it last all year!

April 28, 2015 |

Earth Day in the Nation’s Capital

What were the best parts of this year’s Earth Day festivities? Maybe meeting dignitaries in the nation’s capital. We got so much support – special thanks to Gary Oppedahl, Director of Economic Development for the City of Albuquerque, for facilitating meetings with Senator Martin Heinrich and Senator Tom Udall (isn’t name dropping fun?).


“People want choices and if they don’t get choices they will start unplugging from the grid altogether.” – Senator Udall

“I’m a tech geek, so I looked you up ahead of time and completely understand how you’re creating a demand for solar.” – Brian Crone, Energy Advisor to Representative Lujan

“People in multi-family units, like myself, who are sustainably conscious, need access to solar. Without this I wouldn’t be able to contribute to the demand for solar.” – Don Burke, proud owner of 6 new SunPort beta units

Festivities in Dallas

We also had a great time meeting folks at Earth Day Texas. Overheard in conversations at our booth: “Mind blowing. Best invention I’ve ever seen!” “I love you guys, and I’ll probably only say that to 2 other booths here.” “That’s freaken awesome!” “I just got goosebumps.” Yes, the SunPort tends to provoke those sorts of responses.


And an Announcement in Albuquerque

To top off the week, we made a local television appearance to announce our partnership with Flying Star.

But maybe the best part is knowing that we are on the cusp of a whole new world – helping individuals make a difference – and ready to make Earth Day last all year!