UNM Students Love Solar

UNM Students Love Solar

February 3, 2016 |

Students at the University of New Mexico love clean, renewable, solar energy! That’s the reaction we received last week at UNM’s Anderson School of Management Internship Fair. Within two hours, we received over 60 signups from excited students interested in helping us create the first University Solar Challenge and engage students in changing the way we power our lifestyles.

“What does the SunPort mean to the future of renewable energy?” “I want to be part of the revolution to move us to clean energy.” “We all deserve a choice; why can’t I choose clean energy?” “So you are saying that students can use solar anytime?” These are just some of the comments made by Anderson school students. These amazingly talented students told us that they want to do something in their career that matters, something that has a long-lasting impact for future generations.

The SunPort team met with 60+ Anderson business students hoping to bring solar to UNM

SunPort has an idea for a challenge where students can compete to help drive solar energy forward. We want to use fun and competition to get students involved in an important cause that has been inaccessible to them until now. We hope to provide them with sponsored SunPorts at little or no cost, so everyone can participate. Then all they have to do is plug in and use solar. Simple as that! We will track their usage through our app and display cumulative and individual stats in real-time.

We still want input on how to structure the competition and award prizes. How do we determine winners? What prizes should be awarded? Do we create teams or is it all individual competition? Please give us your thoughts.

Now, imagine a world powered by clean, renewable solar energy. That’s our goal! And students are eager to join us in this movement.

Great work UNM Anderson School of Management! You’re producing budding business professionals that already display passion and eagerness to focus on the greater good!