The SunPort plug is our flagship product, the world's first solar enabled smart plug. Designed to make using solar as easy as plugging in, SunPort lets you make a statement about your energy choice.





LED indicator

The solar mark pulses green-blue to show you are using solar energy.

Bluetooth 4.0

Take SunPort with you anywhere! No need to hassle with wifi passwords. Just connect to your app and go.

100% Real Solar

SunPort uses real solar energy from certified solar farms.

and places

Use the SunPort with laptops, smartphones, office machines, appliances and other electronics. Enjoy being green anywhere - at home, at work, or even while traveling! Just plug it in whenever you want to be solar.

CloudSolar Cumulative Impact


pounds of CO2 not emitted by our users

Real Solar

People often think that in order to use solar energy, you need solar panels right on your house. In fact, innovations in electricity distribution and consumer interest in renewable energy have driven many new ways of using solar though. Possibilities range from community solar farms or utility sponsored green energy programs, to tracking systems and marketplaces designed for big companies. SunPort taps into this existing infrastructure to provide yet another option: verified solar, right at your plug.

Giving Back - Together

SunPort works with a nonprofit we founded,, to help users not only demand solar but also support great causes at the same time. For each dollar spent on acquiring solar for your plug, a matching dollar goes to new solar projects benefiting worthy causes. Just by using your SunPort, you are helping build more solar for those in need. It’s a win-win!

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