Can you make the SunPort in the US?

Does it need to be from China?

It is theoretically possible to get units like the SunPort made in the US but it would have been impossible for us to do so, since we don’t have the financial resources to pay all the development costs we would have incurred here. We did investigate this extensively before we decided to look off shore.

Something like 80% of the world’s consumer electronics presently come from the region of China were our factory is located, including (almost certainly) your mobile phone, your computer, etc. We needed to focus on proving a market and getting our company launched, rather than taking on the desirable but overwhelming challenge of helping fix the balance of trade problem the US faces. We have discussed how we might go about producing here in the US later when we have more resources, and if the opportunity presents itself in the future, we’d love to do it. We just don’t want to get stuck on that issue.

By the way, the SunPort consumes 100% US made solar energy, harvested using panels located exclusively in the USA. Even if solar becomes available off shore, we expect to continue using domestic solar for all US customers.