How can I be sure matching solar is in the grid?

First, we guarantee our system is matching new solar energy in the grid through our SunPort technology, which tracks energy use and correlates it to your SunJoule™ account. Our system is auditable, and recurring third-party audits will verify the solar matching claims. The US FTC regulates claims of renewable energy use in commerce, and we must comply with those regulations by law.

Second, the solar industry has practices and standards that ensure only genuine solar production can be claimed as solar. We provide solar in the form of SunJoule™ microcredits, which are created by a non-profit named ReChoice. They produce SunJoules in strict proportion to industry standardized bulk solar S-RECs obtained from reputable sources which are also certified by a third-party organization, independently validating the authenticity of the solar.

Finally, as we further develop our system and our phone app, we expect to add transparency features that give greater social and community visibility. The SunPort community will then be able to further verify the authenticity of our actions and claims, while easily tracking our collective impact as well.