How can you track solar through the grid?

We only “track” solar where it goes in and where it comes out of the grid. It is impossible to track electrons in the grid and they don’t actually “flow” anyway, they just vibrate.

The way we track solar is much like your bank tracks your money. Just like with the bank, great care is taken to make sure that everything in the system is authentic, but once this is established, they don’t need to worry about which bills came from whom. They just track what comes in and goes out – it’s all about the accounting. You don’t get concerned about how the dollar bills flow through the banking system when the bank gives you money. You know it’s yours based on the accounting, not who deposited that specific bill.

In the same way, we make sure we’re getting authentic solar from certified sources, and then we just make sure it is properly tracked through our system. When solar goes into the grid, a solar credit (S-REC) is created that documents what went in. This is a third-party certified commodity that is completely separate from the energy itself. When you take solar out through a SunPort, the electricity used has a matching increment of solar credit consumed along with it, right inside the SunPort. The energy “flow” in the grid doesn’t actually figure into the equation at all.

This may seem magical, but it is the way the entire grid-based renewable energy system works (we didn’t invent it – the EPA oversees this system). We just made the system accessible to you. That’s what SunPort does – it lets you get real solar energy easily and affordably without owning the panels, the same way big companies have for years.