Do the electrons I use actually come from solar panels?

Not precisely, but that’s because this question is based on a misinterpretation of how electricity works. Electrons convey energy, but they don’t get used up or normally even “flow” on an alternating current (AC) power grid. Energy “flows” (or more precisely, is transmitted) instantly from one point to another, even though the electrons essentially just vibrate.

Once solar energy is in the grid, it’s completely indistinguishable from energy supplied by any other source. Because of this, there is no way to directly discern where an increment of power in the grid comes from, when it is used. Smart grid enabled tracking, however, allows any source of grid energy (solar or otherwise) to be easily identified and tracked as enters the grid. We use the SunPort platform to automate this tracking process and make sure your SunJoules always come from authentic and accurately measured solar production from real panels. That way, how the energy gets routed makes no difference, since your use is always matched to a verified solar source.

It’s kind of like how your bank tracks money in your account, without regard for what branch or ATM you use. When you get money from an ATM, the bank’s system matches the cash withdrawal back to your account. How a dollar bill arrived in the ATM or who had that bill before you doesn’t matter, as long as the linkage to your account works. The bank’s accounting system makes sure you always get your own money from the ATM by always matching the ATM’s activity back to your account balance. In the same way, SunPort’s platform guarantees the power you use is real solar by matching back to a real solar source.