How much do SunJoules cost?

SunPort doesn’t sell SunJoules separately but presently sells them in subscriptions. When you buy a SunPort, it comes with an unlimited subscription for all the SunJoules you wish to use, during the term of the subscription. That way, you have no incentive to conserve or hoard SunJoules. Instead, we encourage you to use your SunPort every time you plug in. We like to say, “Don’t waste electricity, but when you need to use it, why not use solar?”

You can renew your subscription for a whole additional year of unlimited solar at a time, but you can’t “use it up” during the term. Because of the uncertainty of any one person’s use, there really isn’t a way to quote a price for a SunJoule but presently we are charging $20 for a whole year of unlimited solar for a single SunPort. Once we have sufficient user data, we could adjust this figure up or down depending on how much solar each SunPort uses. We also expect we will have a multi-SunPort program for people who want to use several of them.

In the future, we hope to also provide ways that people can get SunJoules for free without even needing to have a subscription. Our idea is to seek sponsorships from consumer brands interested in sustainability and collaborating with their customers to create a positive impact on solar. That way, using solar can be within easy reach of anyone who plugs in.