Why not just donate to ReChoice and skip the plug?

SunPort is strongly supportive of ReChoice and we encourage anyone so motivated, to go ahead and donate directly to ReChoice. Even so, SunPort is interested in triggering a broad movement of consumers who demand solar energy and propel it forward through consumer demand. This means going beyond just helping fund a worthy non-profit like ReChoice.

If we’re going to draw in millions of consumers, we need to do something that is accessible and is compelling for lots of people. That’s why we believe SunPort’s ease of use and affordability are so crucial. Our further insight is that creating visibility is important, since many people want not only to be green, but also to be seen to be green. SunPort is specifically designed to allow people to use solar publically, which allows them to express their green lifestyle commitment while also simultaneously promoting the broader cause. It also makes SunPort fun to use, since SunPort becomes a socially visible expression of their solar commitment.

If you care about solar as a cause, SunPort just might be one of the best ways you can help infect others with your commitment to solar.