Why did you pick solar and not wind?

Solar is America’s most loved form of renewable energy, but also one of the smallest sectors. This makes it a good target for accelerating growth, since the popularity attracts interest and the relatively small size gives us a reasonable shot at impacting the market dynamics positively.

The underlying concept of SunPort could work with any form of renewable energy, but it needs to be proven useful before addressing less promising sectors than solar. The wind generation market is many times the size of solar and it has plenty of momentum, so it needs less help. Solar by contrast, is more expensive in cost vs. output and it has structural barriers in terms of utility acceptance, due to the popularity of residential rooftop solar.

Our view is that solar is arguably the most desirable form of non-dispatchable renewable energy, but the most bottled up in terms of market dynamics. We believe that if we’re able to break through the barriers that hold solar back, there could be a landslide of solar development. If we can trigger this, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to go after wind and other sectors of the market afterwards.