Is it possible that if enough people use SunPort, we could run out of solar?

It is theoretically possible for the entire SunPort system to temporarily run out of SunJoules, though unlikely. SunPort gets SunJoules from a non-profit named ReChoice, which creates them based on its bulk acquisitions of third-party certified new solar (S-RECs), already fed to the grid. If demand for SunJoules were to spike dramatically, that demand could temporarily outrun the company’s reserve of SunJoules or even our resupply from ReChoice. For this reason, SunPort continually monitors its SunJoule supply and reserves, proactively acquiring more to make sure delivery platform keeps running smoothly.

SunPort works hard to stay out if front of the demand for SunJoules to prevent a supply crunch, but we also continually deplete solar as people use it. It is exceedingly improbable that SunPort could absorb enough solar to prevent ReChoice from creating more SunJoules, but we do want to tighten the supply. The whole point of SunPort is creating much more demand for solar energy, so more solar installations get built. If we deplete enough solar, the likely result is rising prices for solar energy (S-RECs), far in advance of complete unavailability. This sends a strong signal for developers to build more solar installations, thereby supplying even more solar energy into the increased demand.

Your immediate supply of SunJoules is based on what is loaded into your SunPort. Although SunPort always keeps new solar in the pipeline to assure ample supply when you need more, you can personally still run out of solar just by depleting your SunPort. Of course, if you do run out of SunJoules, it results in an interruption of your solar energy consumption, but not an interruption of electrical service. Reloading your SunJoules is as simple as opening your app and hitting “Reload” when you’re in range of your plugged in SunPort.