How does SunPort compare to utility green energy programs?

One of the biggest differences is that we use SunJoule solar microcredits, which are small increments of solar we get from a non-profit called Renewable Energy Choice (ReChoice) that also include funding for new solar for other non-profits. That way, using SunJoules not only consumes solar energy but it also adds more solar to the grid and provides free energy to worthy non-profits. No other green energy program we know of has this kind of triple-win.

SunPort is tangible and visible, with a user experience and a way of interacting with others about green energy. Because SunPort is a plug-in device, you can easily choose when to use it and when not to, if you wish. Of course, you can also use it wherever and whenever you want, which is not the case with a utility program. Because SunPort has a subscription type program, you can use unlimited solar during the period, so you can consciously choose to maximize your use without changing the cost of your solar investment.

Typically utility programs have mainly wind power and you sign up at a certain level. You must contact the power company to change you plan. Another big difference is that you need to be the person paying the power bill in order to use a utility green power program. With SunPort, you can demand solar anywhere you can plug in and you can use as little or as much as you decide, just by how you choose to use the SunPort.