So with SunPort I don’t really get solar like I would if I had it on my roof, right?

Obviously, SunPort is very different from solar panels on your roof in terms of hardware, cost and benefits. Putting solar on your own roof is fairly complicated and costly. Even if you get it with a no-money-down lease, you still need good credit, and you make a big commitment. Of course, there’s also a financial return, which make the challenges worth taking on for many people. What most people don’t realize is that, usually, people with solar on their roof don’t actually use solar energy — they just produce it and sell the solar credits to the utility.

Unless they keep their S-RECs and forego what their utility pays to get them, they only produce the solar energy. In most cases, homeowners with solar just sell their S-RECs to help make the economics of solar work better for their budget. For many people, that’s good enough since they feel they’re part of the solution by producing solar, and we agree. They just can’t legitimately claim to be a consumer of solar, if they’re selling the right to claim use of solar to someone else, which is what an S-REC is.

SunPort is like the opposite side of the coin, compared to panels on the roof. SunPort doesn’t cost much or take much commitment; solar on the roof does. SunPort doesn’t have any solar panels at all; solar on the roof is entirely about owning panels. SunPort consumes S-RECs and pays for them; solar on the roof produces S-RECs and gets paid for them. SunPort lets you use solar energy; solar on the roof (usually) lets someone else use it. SunPort costs very little but doesn’t save you money; solar on the roof is very expensive but pays a return.

There’s a place for both versions of solar, each suited to different people and circumstances. SunPort allows anyone to access real solar energy, anywhere, without owning panels or even a roof. SunPort helps create more demand for solar and can help us get more of it. Owning a SunPort is different than owning solar panels, but either can be a good choice.

We just want to see the world go solar; it’s up to you which solar team you join. But don’t keep waiting on the sidelines if you believe in solar. Get your own rooftop system or get some SunPorts, but get into the game!