What are SunJoules?

SunJoules are unique solar energy microcredits, created by a non-profit called ReChoice. Specifically, each SunJoule embodies the solar attributes of exactly one kilojoule of grid solar energy, which is a small size appropriate for consumer uses. ReChoice makes them from standardized, large commercial scale solar credits known as S-RECs (or Solar Renewable Energy Certificates). ReChoice only uses third-party certified solar credits (typically Green-E certified) and ReChoice then certifies SunJoules as 100% solar energy. When ReChoice makes SunJoules, they also match each dollar they spend acquiring S-RECs with an additional dollar to put solar on the rooftops of other non-profits. That way, each SunJoule not only embodies real grid solar energy, but also new solar installations to help other charitable organizations and our planet – a triple win!