Where does your solar come from?

SunPort gets all of its solar from Renewable Energy Choice (ReChoice), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates SunJoules from commercial scale S-RECs they acquire from a number of solar energy brokers. Those S-RECs come from certified solar systems located all sorts of location throughout the USA and each S-REC equals one megawatt hour (MWh) of real solar energy that has been fed into the grid. (One MWh is more power than the typical suburban home uses in a whole month.) All the solar is third party certified and ReChoice enhances it by adding a dollar-for-dollar match, where every dollar spent on S-RECs is matched to an additional dollar ReChoice spends to build new solar on the rooftops of other non-profits, which means more solar energy for the planet and free power for the non-profit.

SunPort gets all its solar in the form of SunJoules, which are much smaller than S-RECs and are more appropriately sized for the sort of electrical loads that regular people use. This makes SunJoules easier to use, since you typically plug in things that consume watts, not megawatts. Unlike S-RECs, every SunJoule also includes new solar and free power for non-profits, which gives them much greater impact.