Will SunPort save me money on my power bill?

Unfortunately, SunPort will not save you any money on your power bill. Unlike purchasing solar panels, SunPort is not an investment. It’s a lifestyle product, for people who do care about their environmental impact but who aren’t ready to sign long term contracts and invest thousands in getting solar panels.

The fact is, even though prices have come down considerably, solar generation equipment is still quite expensive, and all the cost is paid up front, either by the buyer, or by the leasing company. That’s one of the reasons solar has been out of reach for so many people. We’re focused on helping these people, the ones who care but haven’t had a way to participate.

SunPort is a way that anyone can afford to dip a toe into the solar world. By providing solar as a service, we eliminate most of the upfront cost and all of the commitment.

If you own your home and are looking for an investment, by all means think about putting solar on your roof. It probably will save you money (once you pay for the system), and we encourage you to do so. If, on the other hand, you don’t care about ROI – you just want an easy, affordable way to make a difference – SunPort might be the product you’ve been looking for.