Comfort &

Automate your home for a more comfortable lifestyle. SunPort's easy-to-use scheduling features make it simple to control lights, fans, humidifiers, the radio...

Control &

Control your energy use and save money by turning things off. Kill those vampire loads without needing to remember and unplug your devices. Workstations, televisions, sound equipment or gaming consoles can all be set to turn off at certain hours, saving energy and helping preserve battery life.

Security &
Peace of Mind

Schedule your lights to turn on and off while you’re away. Turn off potentially hazardous appliances like heaters, coffee-makers and curling irons, when not in use. The SunPort plug also turns off if it's overloaded – eliminating potential electrical fires.

Whether your goal is smart business, smart parenting, or simply smart energy use, SunPort puts control into your hand.

Simple in-App Control

No need to mess with complicated rule setting or "if this then that". An easy calendar layout and intuitive interface make setting or changing your schedule a breeze.

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