SunPort is our flagship product, the world's first smart grid solar delivery device. It comes in white or four bright colors that really stand out.





Solar led

The solar mark is an LED indicator that pulses green-blue when using solar energy.

Measure and match

Our proprietary measure and match technology enables any plug-in device to run on real solar energy.

100% Real Solar

SunPort uses real solar energy from certified solar farms.

and places

Use the SunPort with laptops, smartphones, office machines, appliances and other electronics. Enjoy being green anywhere. This includes offices, home, traveling, coffee shops and anywhere else you want to be solar!

100% Real Solar

SunPort uses real solar energy from certified solar farms. Tapping into the power of the smart grid, SunPort verifies your use of renewable energy.

Back in the late 1990’s, America’s interest in using renewable energy was on the rise, so the government devised a way to separate renewable energy from the non-renewable kind. To do this, it created these things called Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) — tradable environmental commodities used to represent proof that one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated by an eligible renewable energy resource.

In addition to regular RECs, the government also created a solar-focused variety called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) so that consumers could buy power specifically from solar providers. Basically, the power that comes out of your outlet comes from a myriad of different sources (coal power, hydro electric, wind, etc), but when you buy an SREC, your money goes to a producer of solar power — even if it’s not the entity that’s directly providing juice to your outlets. Here’s a really helpful video from the Environmental Protection Agency that explains it:

SunPort is basically a smart outlet adapter that allows you to take advantage of SRECs in an effortless way. Once you plug it in, the device measures the electricity you take from your wall outlet, and automatically upgrades it to solar power by purchasing small fractions of a solar energy certificate.

That’s the magic of it. Certified SRECs generally represent an entire megawatt-hour of electricity (a sizable and relatively expensive chunk of power), so to make them more accessible to individuals, SunPort has developed an ingenious way to break them up into microcredits (called SunJoules) that you can use on a smaller scale.

When SunPort measures one kilojoule of grid electricity being used, it retires one SunJoule from the system and credits the SunPort’s owner with that amount of real solar use. It’s essentially a way to buy/use solar energy in tiny chunks, instead of buying/using it by the megawatt-hour, or installing your own solar panels.

SunPort Technical Specifications

Plug type and testing

NEMA 5-15
Safety - ETL listed to UL60730-1 and UL498A IC tested and certified


part 15 tested & certified

Power ratings

100-120V compatible 15A input/output current

Ambient temperature rating

35 degree C


Speed 32 MHz CC2541 memory 8KB



Version 4.0

Available readings

Calculated values